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  • The biggest hurdle between you and your plans for growth is this : nobody knows you. This is true if you're a freelancer, an employee, an executive, even a company founder. You may be going all out with your company brand, but you've neglected to hone your own. But the first thing your business needs to grow, is you. If you feel like there is way more potential than you are currently leveraging, this book is for you.
    It is for those wanting to scale their business. For those sitting on a great idea with nowhere to go next. For those experts looking for ways to share the knowledge. For those corporate execs who need to find the next competitive edge. And for those who simply want to find another career path. It is time your prospects, future customers, investors or employer got to know you. Fix this basic flaw of remaining under the radar.
    With the insights in this book, you'll set out your strategy and create content. Not just any content, but content that matters. Content that makes you tick and brings you the right contacts. Build your thought leadership and leverage it as a mechanism to scale your business-starting with yourself.

  • Expressing yourself in a powerful way is not a gift, it's a choice.

    Are you tired of bumping into corporate walls? Not getting the budget, job or promotion that you want? Are you fed up with other people always being heard, while your ideas are being ignored? Are you struggling to network and pitch your business? Is a dry mouth and shaky voice the only thing you associate with speaking in front of a group? Do you just freeze when someone is giving you a hard time in a meeting and tries to take over?

    If the answer is yes, then it's time for you to STAND UP.

    Everybody can learn to express themselves in a powerful way. No matter what other people claim. It's not a gift, it's a choice. Inspiring and convincing people to take action on your ideas starts with you, your story and how you bring it. This book will show you exactly how to do that.

    Follow the five steps and discover how to:

    Raise your energy and credibility.
    Earn attention and trust.
    Take people into your world.
    Become the solution.
    Trigger action.
    After reading this book, you will positively STAND OUT in any situation. Because standing up is the only way you can stand out in life and business.

    Let's inspire action!

  • This book reflects the scientific work which is based on Dries' passion for the ISAs. It provides answers to questions, including:

    Are ISAs optimal auditing standards from a theoretical audit quality perspective?
    What is the advantage of principles-based over rules-based standards, and in what respect may such standards contribute to audit quality?
    In what way is the potential impact of auditing standards on audit quality contingent on the applicable institutional context?
    In what way is the legitimacy of auditing standardsetters under pressure?
    What may be the influence on standard-setting and regulation in general of a desire amongst policymakers for zero-tolerance in terms of residual risk?
    How does a researcher define and measure audit quality from a scientific perspective?
    In what respect is "compliance" different from "quality"?
    Next to scientific arguments, this book is a unique attempt to providing empirical results related to audit reports issued in practice from 2004 to 2009:

    Which parties contribute towards compliance with ISA reporting standards: de-jure auditing standard-setters (IAASB, national auditing standards) or de-facto auditing standard-setters (Big-N auditing networks)?
    Are audit reports standardised from an individual criterion point of view?
    Is the text of audit reports harmonised at the international level, as we would expect from an ISA perspective?
    This book is highly recommended for policymakers, standard-setters and academics around the globe who are interested in auditing standard-setting.

  • How do you innovate, how do you structure your organization, your team, your personal life ? You need a detailed plan and everything laid out for the future ! Really ? Well, maybe not always. Maybe you need to operate also with the Spaghetti Principle. Discover how you can embrace this special principle and really make innovation stick. Specifically, you will learn how to deal in today's dynamic and uncertain environment.
    With practical examples from leaders and companies you will see how a totally different approach to strategy and innovation can revolutionize your work. With examples from fields as diverse as the Startup world, nature, opera, TED, Lars Sudmann will awaken you to an inspiring and thought-provoking journey of innovation. You will see innovation and experimentation with different eyes after reading this book.

  • Obsession is a compulsive intrusive behavior, recurring or uncontrollable thoughts. The non-clinical connotation of obsession refers to a disproportionate or unusual focus on something. Someone can be obsessed with gardening or going to the gym. It means that the person will pay more attention than most people to something. Embracing your obsessive side can be stimulating and a distinctive trait. As human beings, we have the innate tendency to repeat what we enjoy.
    We've all had that one movie back in our childhood days that we watched over and over again. As we mature, we tend to lose the enjoyable side of obsessions. Being obsessed with positive change, ideas, dreams can propel us to extraordinary results and achievement. Being obsessed can be a positive agent of change. It can lead to incredible enthusiasm that works infectious, spreads positive energy, and encourages others to become who they truly are.
    Nobody who has ever achieved anything impressive or made an outstanding contribution to anything has managed to do so without a certain level of obsessiveness. A gifted cyclist will never win the Tour de France unless he or she practices obsessively. Being obsessed by their passion prevents them from ending up as a wasted talent at worst, or an underachiever at best. Being obsessed in a business context can be an amazing positive driver of change.
    Whatever customer interfacing role you have - today, we cannot go about but being obsessed with the customer experience. We cannot neglect to be obsessed with extraordinary customer service. We need to be obsessed with metrics. We must be obsessed with technology, making the right choices, making it work. But most of all, today it is all about reformatting your mental hard drive and think customer data as a fundamental first principle.
    Being obsessed with data can provide a broader thinking framework, and can the cure to ad hoc tactical initiatives that have created the many data silo's many of us face in our organizations. Being positively obsessed with your clients, your clients' data and the added value you can bring to them based on that data will bring a stronger emotional connection to those data. And when that magic happens in your organization, you will be able to reboot your sales and marketing.

  • Corporate partnering transactions are very often viewed as limited to «corporate venture capital», which can be defined as a corporate taking equity stakes in emerging or growth companies to gain insight in novel technologies and markets, to influence the decisions of such companies and potentially purchase them.

    This book takes a different approach and analyses corporate partnering transactions from a much broader perspective, covering several types of collaboration models for growth between emerging companies and corporates.

    In this book corporate partnering transactions are defined as «Growth through Collaboration» to stress the different manners in which emerging and growth companies can use collaboration models to grow their business to the next level. This book intends to provide guidance and best practices to entrepreneurs, innovation experts and transaction professionals for the design and structuring of corporate partnering transactions.

    Few entrepreneurs, experts and professionals have experience beyond the structuring of traditional transactions, and thus should benefit from expertise in designing systems to support continuous interdependent relationships and seamlessly integrating various transactional elements.

  • People want to change things, improve the world. Our mind cannot live without meaning. Just like the body asks for food. We all know that we have the leverage to make things happen. It's important to know what to do, but it's even more important to remember why you do what you do. Leaving a legacy is about impact surviving the erosion of time. About scaling and accelerating positive impact. Be ready to get inspired about leaving your own legacy.

    How do you leave a legacy? What drives a legacy? How about your legacy statement? And how about growing your impact? Will you choose for scaling up, scaling deep, scaling out, or maybe even scaling down? Get carried away by the impact point of view and discover how you can grow the impact of your organisation too.

    This book reveals strategies of a diversity of organisations, from NPO's over associations, governmental and knowledge institutes to commercial organizations, who succeeded in growing their social impact. Because no matter in what kind of organisation you are spending your days, you too may leave a legacy that has improved our world socially or ecologically.

  • For the past 30 years, technology has caused wave after wave of disruptive developments, each crashing onto society and business alike. With the tide building and the pace accelerating, the next wave promises to come in big. Spanning issues from globalisation to climate change, the challenges we face are systemic and increasingly complex.

    In the past, we have focused on the hard side of doing business: balanced scorecards, automation, AI, data-driven processes,.. while shielding our knowledge from competition and society. At the same time we have been reducing headcount and dependency of the human factor. But our old ways of doing business don't suffice anymore.. And so in order not to be flooded, businesses will have to come up with a bold answer. Furthermore, the future is too fast and too complex to go at it alone.

    Now is the time to move towards a hybrid approach :? combining sharp business strategy with partnerships and collaboration? incorporating the soft side of business into our DNA.? looking beyond pure profit-making, towards shared purpose and societal progress.

    Because by joining forces, businesses will build the resilience they need to stay afloat in the long run. Trust should become an essential part of key business processes. After all, futures are built together.

    From creating wild gardens instead of walled ones to uniting employees around a «Big Why», this book gives companies the tools to build mutually beneficial, equal and sincere partnerships.

    We call them metasystems. And we believe them to be the most suitable armour for the next decade.

    The war of all against all has ended. It's time to reinstate the essence of business: collaborating to fuel progress and a prosperous future.

  • Anglais Lean Pricing

    Omar Mohout

    Lean Pricing is a practical toolkit that will positively influence your pricing strategy, revealing insights in the different pricing methods and tactics used by successful companies. You will discover a great number of case studies where these methods are successfully applied which will help you set-up or optimize your current pricing strategy.

    This book will answer the following key questions:

    What price can you ask?
    What pricing strategy will you adopt?
    Whether you launched a startup or work for a big tech company is not important. As long as you believe that pricing plays a key role in your success, this book will provide the guidance, insights and inspiration you need.

    Lean Pricing is part of the Lean series, a series of books tackling the challenges that technology entrepreneurs and companies are facing. Other publications include Lean Marketing (not yet released).