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IN THIS LIFE, EVERYTHING COMES AT A PRICE... All 20-year-old Daisy Haites has ever wanted is a normal life, but it''s just not on the cards for her. Raised by her older brother Julian since their parents were murdered, Daisy has never been able to escape the watchful gaze of her gang-lord brother. But Julian''s line of work means that Daisy''s life is... complicated. And things don''t become any easier when she falls hard for the beautiful and emotionally unavailable Christian Hemmes, who also happens to be one of the few men in London who doesn''t answer to Julian. Christian''s life is no walk in the park, either, since he''s in love with his best friend''s girlfriend... He''s happy enough to use Daisy to throw off the scent of his true affections - until she starts to infiltrate those too. As their romance blossoms into something neither were anticipating, Daisy, Christian, and Julian must come to terms with the fact that in this life everything comes at a price. As their relationships intersect and tangle, they all learn that sometimes life''s most worthwhile pursuits can only be paid in blood. READERS LOVE THE MAGNOLIA PARKS UNIVERSE ''I will never get over Daisy and Christian... I miss them so much already.'' (FIVE STARS) ''I am obsessed. Totally consumed. This universe has me all sorts of messed up.'' (FIVE STARS) ''You will fall in love with Daisy Haites a million times over and be desperate for more of her story when it ends.'' (FIVE STARS)

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    Jessa Hastings

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    432 Pages

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