Les Mille et Une Nuits : Tome 1 (IMPRESSION A LA DEMANDE)

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The collection of stories known as Les Mille et Une Nuits is originally an Arabic work with roots in the Middle East and South Asia. It features a framing story of Scheherazade, a clever and resourceful woman who tells a new story to her husband, King Shahryar, each night to avoid being executed. She captivates the king with her tales, and as a result, her life is spared for another day. This narrative device allows for the inclusion of a wide variety of stories within the overarching frame.

Antoine Galland's translation of Les Mille et Une Nuits into French in the 18th century played a significant role in making these stories popular in Europe. Galland's version introduced stories like Aladdin's Wonderful Lamp, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, and Sinbad the Sailor to Western readers.

Volume 1 of Galland's translation typically includes the opening stories and may contain tales such as The Fisherman and the Jinni and The Tale of King Shahryar and His Brother.

The stories within Les Mille et Une Nuits encompass a wide range of genres, including adventure, romance, fantasy, and morality tales. They often feature clever protagonists, magical elements, and moral lessons.

While Les Mille et Une Nuits has been adapted and translated by numerous authors and scholars, Antoine Galland's version remains one of the most famous and enduring translations, contributing to the popularity and recognition of these timeless tales in Western literature.

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